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Since 2004, we have pioneered the best alternative to the hordes of dogs you'll find at dog boarding resorts or hotels! Never again will you feel guilty when you need to be away from your dog! Our clients leave with peace of mind, knowing their beloved dog is a welcomed house guest in the private, loving home of a trusted and certified dog lover who truly cares for the welfare and happiness of their pet.


We are the BEST! Here's Why:

Your dog will live in a REAL home with a REAL family, your Certified Sleepover Rover Dog Sitter.

  • Your Sleepover Rover® Certified host is home FULL-TIME to provide your dog the love and attention he or she deserves. We offer daycare and overnight in-home dog boarding services.
  • Your Sleepover Rover® Certified Host has passed an intensive 4-step certification process which includes a house and yard inspection by a trained Sleepover Rover® Representative. We know what questions to ask, what to look for, and our choosy interviewers certify only 15% of those that apply! Once certified, we are involved in every reservation from beginning to end and hosts that don't get RAVE reviews can lose their certification. That adds up to PEACE OF MIND!
  • You will get to visit your Certified Host at their home with your dog. This pre-visit is FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION! You and your dog will fall in love with them!
  • We can match you with a host family in your neighborhood within the hour if you need to leave your pet in a hurry.

Call Sleepover Rover® NOW! 888-656-0577

We are open 7 days per week!


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