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Sleepover Rover® offers Dog Boarding in Pet Sitting Host Homes!

SLEEPOVER ROVER® dog boarding is WORRY-FREE boarding in our pet sitting certified, host family homes, and provides choosy dog boarding clients with a better solution to a pet "resort" for their dog boarding and pet sitting needs.  

Pet resort use will never again leave you feeling guilty! Our dog boarding clients who formerly used pet resorts now leave with peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is a welcomed guest in the home of a trusted and certified host family. This new dog boarding solution matches you with pet sitting dog lovers in their private loving homes. In home dog boarding means cuddles from pet sitting host families, not cages like a pet resort - a far better dog boarding alternative! We have certified pet sitting host families located all over, making those lonely warehouse pet resort facilities no longer necessary. All of our dog boarding, pet sitting certified host families are home full time, as opposed to a pet resort where your dog is unattended overnight or the pet sitting services that come to your home and only visit for 15 minutes then go, leaving your pet lonely!

Dog boarding in Host Homes, now means a pet sitting alternative service to a cold concrete pet resort that is truly cage-free pet boarding. Pet sitting no longer means a pet resort that is a noisy, cold warehouse with a fancy lobby! Pet resorts, dog boarding facilities and dog sitting services cannot compete with the alternative dog boarding solution offered by Sleepover Rover®. Lucky pet lovers looking for pet resort location that needs dog boarding or a pet sitting host now rely on Sleepover Rover® pet boarding to find local residents who welcome pets into their home as house guests. It's a wonderful in-home dog boarding solution that makes using a pet resort for dog boarding obsolete! Hosts truly care for the welfare and happiness of their furry houseguests.

Our in-home pet sitting service offers dog boarding in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. Pet resort warehouses are nothing like our in-home dog boarding service. Our pet sitting rates put the local pet resorts to shame! Need to find local dog boarding in your area? Does pet resort kennels leave you cold? Is finding a pet sitting service or dog boarding facility for your next business trip or vacation worrisome? Need to find a pet sitting avid dog walker to exercise your pet? We understand your dog loves carpet not a concrete pet resort! Sleepover Rover® dog boarding has the perfect pet sitting private host family with in-home dog boarding services most appealing to you and your dog. Unlike pet resort establishments, there are no hidden charges in our pet sitting rates for play time, cuddles or walking.

No longer does dog boarding need to mean a jail-like pet resort with concrete kennels. Dog boarding now means Sleepover Rover® instead of a pet resort with a host just down the road. Pet resorts and pet sitting services wonder where their pet boarding business went. Sleepover Rover® dog boarding services provides a cage free alternative and has raised the bar for pet resort businesses with the first truly guilt-free and cage free dog boarding alternative for the discriminating pet lover that needs a pet sitting service. We will love your pet like you do!

Sleepover Rover, Inc.

4802 E. Ray Road
Suite 23-547 
Phoenix, AZ 85044